Tower Crane & Hoist Services | Pagnotta Industries

Tower Crane & Hoist Services


  • Crane Operators
  • Crane Rentals
  • Crane Erection/Dismantle
  • Crane Climbing
  • General Maintenance
  • Jobsite preperation
  • Hoistable Garbage Boxes/Man Baskets
  • Concrete Buckets
  • Hoistable Window Boxes
  • Outriggers/Thrust Out Platforms



Tower cranes leave a minimal footprint on site, allowing for ease of access and increased freedom of movement for crew members and machinery at ground level.

Tower cranes are able to operate and maneuver in tight spaces enabling easier access to congested or restricted areas that bobcats or other construction equipment cannot access.

Tower Cranes are relatively silent so you can work in a densely populated area without disturbing adjacent homeowners or businesses.

Using a Tower Crane minimizes the need for other equipment to be continually relocated, minimizing deep ruts and the disturbance of surrounding terrain.

Using a Tower Crane allows you to place materials and assemblies anywhere on the jobsite (including inside the structure) reducing the need for manual labor.

Using a fully modular hoist is a quick, easy and, most importantly, safe way to transport workers and materials. Our hoists can hold up to 7000 lbs per car including material up to 12 feet in length. Our hoists improve productivity and lifting capacity and their low energy consumption helps reduce operating costs.