Construction Management

Bringing in a project on time and on budget are imperative elements of a well managed and successful construction project. These things can only be accomplished with an experienced and well rounded team managing day to day operations and proactively planning to keep the job moving at an efficient and profitable pace.


Construction Management is a method of selecting a construction firm in the preliminary stages of the construction project who assists

the Owner and Design Team through the provision of:

  • Budget Updates throughout the design stage to ensure the project stays "on track" financially;
  • Value engineering to aid the Design Team in the selection of the most economical building systems and materials meeting the project's functional and aesthetic requirements;
  • A "Fast Track" construction approach to reduce the Owner's interim financing period and have the project generating revenue as soon as possible.


The Construction Management approach often leads to the establishment of a Guaranteed Maximum Price with a "Share of Savings" clause. This clause acts as an incentive for continued cost savings economies throughout the construction period.