Our Services

Construction Management

Pagnotta Industries provides construction management services in the high rise mixed use development sector and takes pride in every project. Pagnotta Industries ensures that excellent quality and product standards have not only been met but also exceeded.



With over 28 years of experience, Pagnotta Industries has established itself as one of the foremost commercial and residential construction management companies, delivering on complex designs and the highest architectural standards. Pagnotta Industries has built strong relationships with numerous developers and subtrades throughout Alberta.


Client Focused


Pagnotta works closely with each and every client to ensure they understand and execute the client’s objectives and work to build a long lasting relationship with them. Pagnotta views its client relationships as one that will last a lifetime. Regardless of the project, Pagnotta considers everything they build as hard evidence as to their ability to deliver.


Subtrade Relationships


Primarily focused in the high-rise multi-family/residential/mixed use market, Pagnotta has developed an enviable network of subcontractors and suppliers (our partners) with similar industry focus. These long established relationships benefit our clients in respect to the following key areas:

1) Schedule – having the manpower and skill sets to complete in a timely manner

2) Quality – accustomed to the rigorous level of detail and workmanship our clients expect

3) Pricing – preferred pricing to all Pagnotta managed projects based upon relationships

Considering our vast experience, along with our industry partners, we can quickly and accurately establish baseline schedules and associated conceptual/OOM budgets of a very aggressive nature.

As we continue to take on and complete more work in this marketplace, we will continue to expand our subcontractor and supplier base and further strengthen our current relationships all to the benefit of our clients.

Top Class


With over 400 skilled tradespeople working directly for Pagnotta Industries, our extensive pool of experienced and adept workers provide additional, on the ground support.



Every member of our team is committed to the projects that we’re involved in. From our CEO and office staff to our field workers, our team is backed by decades of field and project management experience and is ready to take an active role in projects to ensure we meet every objective set forth by our clients. We understand how to best manage a project and the amount of supervisory staff required for success. In a market that can feel the impact of inexperienced labour or a lack of qualified tradespeople, we have spent decades developing and mentoring all of our field staff and we believe this makes a core difference in our results.



Pagnotta's preconstruction participation is collaborative, creative, technically sharp and proactive.



We are proud of our accurate budgeting capabilities developed through our background and prior experience in estimating thousands of units of multi-family residential construction. Our database includes an array of historical data for condominiums, rentals and buildings of various configurations and sizes.



Our initial estimates are very detailed from early on in the process. This detail and continuity allows the team to focus on areas where costs can be improved. The early budget is utilized as a baseline for tracking costs throughout the design process and a tool to communicate possible design changes.

Our estimates are based upon three major sources:

1)  Actual costs of recent and current projects;

2)  Selective feedback from key subcontractors;

3)  Complete elemental takeoff with current unit pricing.


Design Assistance

We provide three phases of design review and commentary, document coordination and constructability assessment:

1)  Conceptual and Schematic Design Evaluation

2)  Design Development done through workings and drawings

3)  Final Construction Documents


Safety Program