Our History

Mario came to Canada in 1967 from rural Italy, embarking on a remarkable journey of courageous will and a commitment to his family and community. Beginning as a site laborer, Mario’s dedication to his work pushed him on as a successful site superintendent, and ultimately, into the journey of entrepreneurship. 

In 1992, Pagnotta was given the opportunity to act as the concrete contractor for the Greenwood Inn in Edmonton.

This milestone project solidified the company in Edmonton’s construction industry as a strong concrete contracting contender and introduced them into the high rise market. Mario’s vision led to Pagnotta purchasing its first tower crane, which for a short time was the only crane in Edmonton. The Greenwood Inn launched Pagnotta forward. In 1998, the company outgrew the family’s basement and leapt into the larger corporate world with a new office space and expansive projects. Pagnotta was eager to compete with the giants of Edmonton, as friends, colleagues and gracious rivals.

In the early 2000’s, the construction industry boomed throughout Alberta, and the excitement of each successful project had a contagious momentum.

The family of Pagnotta Industries grew to over 400 people in less than ten years. In 2008, this momentum culminated with a successfully awarded Epcor Tower. With an increasing developer interest in concrete infrastructure, Pagnotta was given the opportunity to hone its skills and experience and was recognized as the premier concrete high rise contractor in Edmonton. Not content to remain idle, Pagnotta expanded into Saskatchewan and Manitoba, participating in the construction of the Winnipeg’s Women’s Hospital and Student Residence’s at the University of Saskatchewan.

A second branch was opened in Saskatoon in 2009 which, following the Pagnotta entrepreneurial trend, continues the culture of creating modern and exquisite skylines.

As a general contractor and concrete connoisseur from the beginning, Pagnotta Industries was built on a foundation of trust and integrity, a clear reflection of its founder and his family.

With a history of commitment to professional relationships and clear, honest practices, Pagnotta’s reputation is grounded in over 25 years of deep attachments to the Edmonton community. With a rich history, a home-grown family-oriented culture and an unmatched expertise in construction management and concrete work, Pagnotta is an entrepreneurial legacy that Edmonton can be proud to call its own.

It’s no wonder, given the history of Pagnotta, that they are known throughout Western Canada as an organization willing to contribute services well above and beyond basic construction management and concrete work.

With a keen desire to see community projects successful and the local infrastructure vibrant and growing, Pagnotta has ensured that the experience and talent throughout the organization pulls together skillsets vital for the entire life of each project. Developers and owners can expect expert advice, not only from a budgeting and scheduling perspective, but in design, constructability, estimation and pre-construction. Throughout the process, Pagnotta embodies a distinct and unique desire to understand and facilitate client-specific business needs, whether it be recognizing and facilitating requirements for funding, or providing business development support.