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Tower Cranes and Hoists

Every construction project is unique. Selecting the most effective equipment for your project requires expert knowledge, detailed planning and quality equipment. Pagnotta offers a variety of services, from crane and hoist rental, general maintenance, and provision of spare parts and certified operators.


Rental Fleet

Crane and Hoist Manager, Wes Cunningham, works with clients to provide a comprehensive quote that takes into consideration all aspects of project costing.

Pagnotta currently has 11 cranes for hire with an expanding inventory. The tower cranes are exclusive to Edmonton so there is peace of mind that we are nearby should you require the onsite services from our friendly, knowledgeable and licensed/certified crane operating team.


Rental Fleet

Tower Cranes

(3) TEREX SK 415

(4) TEREX SK 315

(4) LINDEN 5101

Personnel Hoists

Modular Construction Hoists are undeniably the best solution in providing safe movement of site members and materials while ensuring projects stay on track for completion deadlines.


This modular system offers flexibility, efficiency, safety, productivity and low energy consumption.



We provide the following services with all of our crane and hoist rentals:

Certified Operators
Erection and Dismantling
Jobsite Planning and Preparation
Safety Training
Equipment Inspections and Repairs
Hoistable Garbage Boxes, Man Baskets, and Window Boxes
Concrete Buckets
Outriggers and Thrust Out Platforms

Why Use a

Tower Crane

Tower cranes take up minimal space on site as opposed to other material transport options, allowing easier access and maneuverability for labourers and machinery.

A tower crane can maneuver in congested or restricted areas on site increasing the capacity and efficiency of transport as opposed to skid-steers or other ground based equipment.

Tower crane operations are quiet, allowing for decreased noise disturbances to the community and adjacent homeowners and businesses.

Tower cranes reduce the need for ground equipment therefore minimizing the impact to terrain, especially during inclement weather, leading to cleaner and easier to manage sites.

The capacity to maneuver materials and assemblies anywhere on site, including inside a structure, reduces the demand for manual labour.